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Need to swap cryptocurrency fast? Changelly cryptocurrency exchange review

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“Transfer from one wallet to another within seconds”
Changelly gives a lot away from its name, it changes coins.

It’s hard to define what Changelly really is, as it’s not like a traditional cryptocurrency exchange. Instead of creating different buy and sell orders and watching cool graphs, changelly makes it very simple to swap one coin for another.

You might have some Bitcoin and you want some Monero. The process is simple, you get a bitcoin address to send the payment too, and you enter your Monero address as the receiver. After you have sent your bitcoin, you need to wait for a couple confirmations and voila, the Monero gets sent to your Monero wallet.

The simplicity makes Changelly very worth the low fee of 0.5% and as the process requires no verification and long registration times, Changelly really becomes a great pick for a quick coin swap. With over 100 cryptocurrencies to swap between you can quickly diversify your portfolio.

Something that we have not covered yet is the Credit Card purchases. Changelly also supports bitcoin and Ethereum purchases with a credit card. With very high limits and a fast verification process, you can start buying quickly and securely. The fees are reasonable at 5% + 5% and the transaction usually only takes between 10-30 minutes in normal circumstances.

The Verdict: Changelly really comes to the rescue when you quickly want to change some coins in your portfolio or want to diversify. With over 100 different cryptocurrencies supported and very low fees, it is clearly a great pick for that fast swap. Exchange Comparer can highly recommend Changelly.

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A beginner guide to your first Changelly transaction:

Step 1:

Login or create your account. After this, enter the cryptocurrency you have, that you want to swap to another currency. This can, for example, be Bitcoin to Ether.

Exchange comparer changelly step 1

Step 2: 

Review your amounts, check the fee and see the estimated time of arrival

Exchange comparer changelly step 2

Step 3: 

Enter the receiving wallet address. This will be the wallet address that will get the Ether (Ethereum) after the transaction is done. Make sure you fill this out correctly.


Exchange comparer changelly step 3

Step 4:

Review the details and double check your address. If your recipient address is wrong, there is no way of recovering the Ether.

Exchange comparer changelly step 4

Step 5:

Scan the QR code or enter the transaction address in the wallet of your choice. This step will take a while, so keep the window open. But do not fear if you accidentally close the window. If the transaction fails, for example, if you sent too few bitcoin to the address the transaction will be reverted automatically and the bitcoin will be back in your wallet later on.

If you accidentally close the window and the sending amount is correct, the process will go through anyway and after the exchange is done you will see the money in your account.

Exchange comparer changelly step 5


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